Ngati Pahauwera AIP signed

by Vilma Hape on 30 Sep 2008

30 September 2008

Te Rawe hoki Pahauwera, ma te mahi te wawata ka ea...

The Agreement in Principle signed today between Ngati Pahauwera and the Crown has been a long time coming.

The northern Hawkes Bay confederation of hapu first took their claims to the Mohaka River to the Waitangi Tribunal in 1991, and few of the kaumatua and kuia who supported that claim are alive today.

A large contingent of Koroua, Kuia, Pakeke, Rangatahi and tamariki travelled to Wellington to support the signing and to pay tribute to all those who have carried the kaupapa thus far.

Kuia Maraea Aranui, wife of the late Ariel Aranui, (one of the original claimants), and Koroua Charles Kohi King signed for and on behalf of Ngati Pahauwera. Their signatures were witnessed by the current trustees of the Ngati Pahauwera Development Trust - Tom Gemmell, Sissiel Henderson, Gerald Aranui (eldest son of Maraea and Ariel Aranui), Tureiti Moxon, Charles Lambert, Toro Waaka and Kuki Green.

The Agreement provides for the return of the Ngati Pahauwera maunga tapu, Te Heru o Tureia, as well as other important wahi tapu, comprehensive co-management regimes over the Mohaka, Waihua and Waikari Rivers, as well as the return of Mohaka Forest and Rawiti Station.

Koroua Charles Kohi King, a witness in all of the Ngati Pahauwera hearings, celebrated the signing today saying that ... this is a first and important step to rebuilding our community at Mohaka...

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