Welcome to this our first issue for 1996. We appreciate that  we have been a tad tardy in getting this out but we have been busy on other fronts which will be revealed as you read this newsletter.

If we cast our minds back to an earlier issue it was noted that we did not seem to know much about Henry Fraser but after a bit of research we have discovered a few interesting facts mainly that Henry was a bit of a roamer having been born a Kaipipi, Stewart Island. We next come across him as being married to Louisa Davis on Jan 22nd 1908 at the Presbyterian Church, Waihi. We then believe he resided for a while around Wanganui and sadly we find he died on 13 November 1961 aged 91 at Cornwall Hospital, Epsom, Auckland whilst residing at 1 Kirk St Grey Lynn. His occupaton is given as Ceneral Labourer. We are now working on finding out what happened to him and his beloved wife between 1908 and 1961.

An extract from the Christchurch Press on 20 April 1966 is quoted below:

Paynter Eyes Stewart Island: Paynter Timber wants to log native timber sustainably on Stewart Island but may be blocked by the Government. The Chairman of Paynter Timber, Richmond Paynter said last night that the Maori owned forest accounted for a significant portion of the island's forest. Paynter Corp had been negotiating with the owners for a considerable time Mr Paynter said.

They want us to manage it sustainably on Stewart Island. We want to take a sustainable volume on a annual basis.

This would mean using helicopters to bring out selected logs from the forest which is mainly rimu.

However, the Forestry Minister John Falloon has said in Parliament that if there is any plan to mill the island forest he will be prepared to recommend that part 111A of the Forestry Act be applied to the area.

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