Newsletter: Te Karere Mai Volume 1 Issue 4 1995


Tena Koutou e nga whanaunga o te whanau o nga neke.

It was our intention to place a pen portrait of Alexander Fraser Jnr in this issue but to date we do not have enough information about him to proceed. Once again we ask for those of you out there with the knowledge to inform us so we can publish this. Still to appear are Alexander Jnr, Frances & William. In default we have published what knowledge we have of Whareraki and Mary Neke.



Whareraki (preferred), Te Whareraki, Te Wharerangi, Martha Wharerangi, Te Wareraki.

Recorded Data: the earliest record known, is of Whareraki being listed as being of the Huirapa hapu, No. 91, a female Maori of Waikouaiti in WB Mantell's census of 1848. Also listed are her sisters Kaikawakawa Nol 84. and Mata Watkins Kupukupa alias Meo Wahine Kupukupu No 82. Her other sister Tarepaha alias Tatarapoha and her husband Tarawa alias Tarawai are not listed. This listing led to Whareraki being shown as No's 1462 and 575 in the Ngaitahu Trust Board's Pink and Blue books of "Original Beneficiaries" and Kaumatua alive in 1848".

February 05, 1865: The Rev. Johan Wohlers recorded Martha Wharerangi (Whareraki in Southern Dialect of Koraka Bay (Colac Bay) standing as Godmother to Merika Arapeta at Oranga (Oraka).

May 1868: In the 'Return of Lands" dealt with by the "Native Land Court in final extinguishment of all claims under the Ngaitahu Deed of 1848".

March 25, 1874: Mr Mackay lists Whareraki as a shareholder in the Oraka Reserve - Schedule D under the Crown Grant Act of 1862.

November 30, 1882: Died and buried at Oraka

December 22, 1925: William Fraser submits whakapapa to Maori Land Court (S.I.M.B. 25/21) and by these Whareraki and Pareaho had two daughters, Neke, who marrried Daniel Smith, and Kauhoa or Maraki who married John Parker, Senior.

Refs: S.I.M.B. 4-309/310, 5-66 & 5-134, 22-17, 25-21. Ngai Tahu file No. 239, Mantell's 1848 Census. Ruapuke Births, Deaths and Marriages Registers.

 Tomuri = Te Iri

Hine Rakuru                                                              Mahaki

Kuruki = (1) Huruhuru      Whareraki = Pareaho              Tawera = Tarepaha

              (2) Rawira te Aweha


Aliases: Neke also recorded as or known as Michie Mary Neke, Mikie, Meke and Mary Smith.

Recorded Data:

  1. First recorded by Bishop Selwyn, 6th February 1844 when he married Daniel Smith of Dumbarton Scotland who had been 12 years in New Zealand to Mary Neke, Joseph Antonio and Edward Edwards standing as witneses.
  2. As entry no. 13 in Rev Wohlers "Register of Inhabitants" 1850 to 1884 dated 22 September 1850. Mary Ann Smith born 08 February 1844. Jane Smith born 20 September 1846 and Samuel Smith born 30 (month not given) 1848. Christened by Wohlers. The father Daniel Smith, married by the Bishop, Mary Smith, native name Mikie.
  3. From Bishop Selwyn's diary of 30 January 1851 when he called again at Murray's River. "Daniel Smith, absent at Hawke's Bay, his wife Mary Neke is dead. Mary Ann Smith - Jacobs River / Jane Smith seen / one living with Greenwood (Hermitage)
  4. From Rev. Wohler's "Ruapuke Register of Baptisms". No.115 Thomas Jones, born 1847, Half Caste of Otaku father a European called Smith, adopted out by Thomas Jackson, mother Meke a Maori, Baptised 08 September 1856 at The Neck, Godparent Margaret Coupar.
  5. Records as Meke by William Fraser on 22 December 1927 in a whakapapa submitted to the Maori Land Court.

Conclusions: From knowledge within the whanau and the testimony of William Fraser, Meke or Neke as we believe her name to have been was a sister to Kauhoa or Maraki Te Ururaki, (the mother of John Parker's children) and a daughter of Whareraki and Pareaho. It seems probable that Neke died in chidlbirth when her second son Samuel was born in 1848. From that time we assume that Jane was adopted by Joseph Antonio and his wife Pura. Mary was bought up in Riverton or Aparima as Mary Ann Pira adopted by Terare and Tehau. Samuel was fostered by Thomas Greenwood and Pipi of "The Hermitage" while Thomas was brought up by Thomas Jackson and Elizabeth Lee who were married by Rev. Wohlers on 27 June 1855.

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