Vol 1 Issue 3 Te Karere Mai September 1995


Welcome to this our third isue of your Newsletter. It is hoped that the first two have been enjoyable and worth reading but please remember we can only publish what we know or have been provided with by you the members of our whanau so if you have any information about any of the whanau it would be appreciated if you could lend it to us. We will take all care and responsibility and return it as soon as possible.

In this issue we will be covering John Fraser, minutes from the last Trustees meeting held in April'95, further reports on what we are doing or trying to do and how it should benefit the whanau, bits and pieces of information we are checking out. Remember our Newsletter is only as good as the information we can gather from all sources including you the whanau.

We are still seeking names and addresses of members of the whanau which you the readers of this newsletter may be aware of but we are not. Please forward them to us and we will contact.


Trustees meeting held 9th April 1995 at Glenfield RFC, North Harbour, Auckland. Meeting commenced at 9.30am. Chair Marea Donley Trustees Glenn Williams, Mirie McAvinue, Phil Murison.

Visitors: Micheal McAvinue, Reece McAvinue, Sylvia Thompson,John Thompson, Greg Murison, Tanya Hefferan.

Apologies: Shona Mudgway. Moved Phil Murison, seconded Mirie McAvinue "that Shona's apology be accepted with regret". Carried

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed as a true and correct record. Moved Glenn Williams Seconded Phil Murison Carried.

Matter arising from the minutes:

The secretary reported on land succsessions completed in the Maori Land Court and those pending. Completed: William Fraser, Alexander Harding, Jane Simpson, Alexander John Fraser. Pending: Henry Fraser, Lenna Gosgrove, Titi Island rights to Kaimohu, John Parker, Elizabeth Parker, Mary Smith.

Successions yet to be resolved: Eleanor Hill, Robert Harding, Joan Berry, Molly Talbot, Alton Simpson, Henry Kitto, Frances Sheehan.

The current situation regarding succession to John and Elizabeth Parker was explained by the Secretary who asked for Trust approval to proceed with an application to succeed on behalf of the family. Moved Glenn Williams Seconded Mirie McAvinue "that the Secretary have the power to act on family successions and tender expenses to the Treasurer for payment" Carried.

Negotiations on the lease of the Jacobs River Hundreds, Blk 25, Ces 69D, property were reported on by the secretary. Mr Shirley had paid $645.00 in back rent and had indicated his interest in renewing his lease. The consensus was that Preston Russell & Co through Helen Young be asked to advise and act for us in framing the new lease.

The subject of land share sales within the family was again discussed and it was approved in principle, but, a legal opinion is to be sought before proceeding.

Waimumu Hundred, Blk V, Sec 45, was reported as now being under the administration of our Trust. Noteworthy, was the fact that the valuation of this property has more than doubled in three years to $34,000. The Secretary had made preliminary enquiries of a forestry consultancy company, Pine Plan (NZ) Ltd, representative Mr Norman Riddell. Pine Plan's preliminary report indicated that the section's timber potential, while currently low due to remoteness was certainly likely to be viable within 5-6 years. They offered to do a formal survey at a cost of $550.00. It was moved, Phil Murison  seconded Marea Donley "that Pine Plan (NZ) Ltd be commissioned to make this survey" Carried.

A brief outline of the history of the Jacob's River Hundred, Blk 25, Sec 80 & 86 was given. Mr Syd Cormack's suggestion what our Trust apply for administration was conveyed to the meeting. The consensus was that further advice be sought on this.

Glenn Williams reported that two newsletters had been published and 25 subscriptions had been recieved. It was resolved that the Secretary write to all beneficial owners with outstanding subscriptions in an endeavour to gain their support.

Mirie McAvinue reported that Trustbank require a copy of our Trust Deed, and moved that this be supplied. Seconded Phil Murison. Carried.

There was some disucssion of the duties of the individual Trust Officers and it was also suggested that there should be some limitation of the term for which Trustees are elected. This matter is to be raised again at the next meeting.

It was moved Glenn Williams seconded Mirie McAvinue "That Trustees furnish to the Treasurer, returns of all expenses at quarterly intervals and that the Trust refund the Secretary's airfares for this meeting" Carried. Glenn Williams reported that Miriama Evans was interested in organising a Hui in Wellington. It was resolved that htis be combined with a Trust Meeting and be held on the weekend o 17th - 18th June. The meeting concluded at 12.30pm and was followed by a general get together of the whanau who arrived shortly after and was most enjoyable.

Phil Murison has available six sets only of the following photos from the Auckland Hui at a cost of $30.00 per set. First in first served - one 305x225 coloured of the Jane Smith painting, one 100x150 of Henry Fraser (sepia), one 120x100 sepia of Mary Smith (cousin of Jane Smith) and one 150x95 black and white of William Fraser, his wife and children.

Claims for succession to Mary Smith's 42.5 acres at Lords River and John & Elizabeth Parker's 18 acres at Halfmoon Bay should be processed at the next meeting of the Maori Land Court in mid September.


  1. It has brought and will continue to bring the family together.
  2. It has increased the families knowledge of it's history and will continue this.
  3. It has commenced and will continue to secure the family's heritage in both history and land.

As examples the Trust has by research and prosecution of succession claims in the Maori Land Courts ensured succession to 143 acres of land valued at $33,314. They have yet to process succession claims to 77 acres of land valued at $77,857. They have in process a claim which will restore mutton birding rights to the descendants of Alexander Fraser 11, Frances Fraser and Jane Mathilde Fraser.

Your whanau propery has a valuation today of $110,00 with a possibility of it increasing to $200,000. This does NOT include timber or development potential. You have a "Te Karere mai Te Whanau a Neke" your newsletter.

YOU have an association devoted to your spiritual and hereditary interests.

WE need your support to carry on this work.

JOHN FRASER or JOHNNY PAREPA - by Phil Murison (see this story in General Pages)

In our next issue we hope to look at Alexander Fraser and to this end request that any information on him could be forwarded as soon as possible.

A Trust Board Meeting will be held at the Presbyterian Church, The Parade, Island Bay, Wellington Saturday 28 October 1995 commencing at 10.30am and will be followed by and open forum for those members of the whanau who wish to attend. Nau mai, haere mai.

Newsflash: A lease has been signed between the Trust Board and Greg Shirley for Jacobs River Hundred, Block 25, Sec 69D thanks to Preston Russell & Co.

Please accept my apologies for the lateness of this newsletter but my new flash computor proved to be smarter than me and I have had to obtain expert advice to make it do what I want it to.

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