Vol 1 Issue 1 Te Karere Mai December 1994


Greetings to the family of Neke our tipuna and welcome to this our first newsletter in which we hope to bring you informaton and knowledge of our heritage and other news we hope you will find of interest. Let us first introduce you to our whanau.

Mary NEKE = Daniel SMITH by Bishop SELWYN on 6th February 1844 at Murrays River. Their issue were Mary Ann Smith, Jane Smith, Thomas Smith and Samuel Smith.

Jane SMITHS issue were David, Thomas, Jane Mathilde, Henry, John, Alexander, Frances, and William from who we are all descended.

Jane Williams (descended from Frances Smith) and Phil Murison (married to Marie descended from John Smith) have poured hours and hours of research into tracing our family mostly separate of and unbeknown to each other until the early 80's when they first met and exchanged information. From this has sprung a request from other interested members of the whanau for information about our background and of our interests in Maori Land.

Recently this whole situation has crystallised into a family meeting of those with holdings / shares in our land interests at which it was resolved that a TRUST be set up to look after and protect these for those of our whanau which are still to come.

Five Trustees were selected and a TRUST deed was formulated at this meeting which will hopefull be registered at a Maori Land Court hui to be held on the 12th January 1995 at Christchurch. This has entailed a vast amount of time and research into the present whereabout of those entititled to land / shares and our thanks for this we must thank Phil and Marie Murison.

We hope to publish this newsletter quarterly but to do so we need your support as at present our financial base is zilch and various members of the whanau are financing this out of their own pockets. A subscription form is enclosed. We also need your help and support in furnishing names, addresses etc of other memebers of our whanau so we can bring them into our network.

In each newsletter we hope to publish a pen portrait of one of our whanau starting with Jane Smith (Mary Neke is still being researched), and then her children. David and Thomas died young without leaving issue so they along with Jane Mathilde will be featured in our next issue. If anybody out there has any information, photos or documentation about any of these people we would be grateful if they would let us have access to it and we will treat with kindness and respect. 

See Jane Smith by Phil Murison

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