Te Whanau a Neke AGM 26 July 2014

by Eliza on 9 Aug 2014

Te Whanau a Neke AGM 26 July 2014Te Whanau a Neke Trust AGM was held at the Wellington National Airport Conference room Saturday 26 July.

Attendance was disappointing but the contribution & passion of those who attended was wonderful & encouraging.

New Trustees elected:
Margie McKenzie
Rhonda Fraser
Jane Thorne

2019 Reunion of Te Whanau a Neke descendants celebrating the 175th marriage of Jane Neke and Daniel Smith.
Motion: Provisional date for a Reunion of descendants of Jane Neke set by majority vote for Easter weekend Friday 19 April - Monday 22 April 2019
i. The reunion needs to be managed as a project. Skills
database needs to be made for this in addition to contacts. Working groups' mission will set the objectives & timelines, how & when they're going to be achieved.
ii. 2019 Reunion Working Group: Discussion that a working group be formed. Group to consist of
Chelsea Egan, Jane Thorn, Lyndy Young, Rhonda Fraser, Sophie Wilson, Margaret McKenzie.

Communication with descendants and database:
i. TWANT website: We have a lot of information pertaining to whakapapa photos stories & news. Regular updates is the key to maintaining interest & use of site. Possible archiving project of old letters and taonga. possible whakapapa recording mode. Eliza is at present updating website as time allows. Happy to accept help with uploading information.
ii. TWAN Facebook Page: continues to be utilised sharing information with descendants – works well though not everyone uses facebook.
iii. TWANT Blog site: Chelsy Egan shared on her experience of utilising a blog - would be a place for everyone to share stories whakapapa and photos and could be turned in to a book. S
iv. Data base of descendants: Susan Chadwick is updating data base and happy to continue with this work.
v. Branding of Te Whanau a Neke Trust including our logo requires urgent updating with a view to the future of merchandise Tees caps etc in time for 2019 Reunion.
vi. Create a TWANT skills data base that captures the skill base of our whanau. We have a talented whanau keen that would be keen to help in areas of creating videos, writing, photography, the arts and IT to name a few.

Sections 51, 58, 66 & 67 Block 1 Patersons Inlet:
vii. Invested in another ahu whenua trust with 5 trustees. Many of TWAN are registered owners. Amalgamation yet to be discussed by Trustees of that trust.

Hawea, Claim no 14:
viii. Margie McKenzie shared document from Ngai Tahu Ancilliary Claims Trust 2003. Descendants of Jane Neke are eligible to succeed to this whenua.

ix. Discussion on land values. All agreed that future financial statements record current land values.
Date next AGM:
x. Saturday 23 July 2016. Wellington Airport was discussed as an accessible central venue to hold an AGM. All in agreement.

Next AGM date Saturday July 23 2016

Reunion of descendants Easter Weekend Friday 19 April to 22 April 2019.

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