Rakiura Maori Land Trust Email from Trust Simon Gomez (9 August 2014)

by Eliza on 9 Aug 2014

Tena Koe Beneficial Land Owner

My name is Simon Gomez and I was recently elected and appointed to The Rakiura Maori Land Trust.

At the Trustees meeting on July 5th in Christchurch, I was charged with working to improve communication between the Trust and the beneficial land owners.

This email is part of that process and, as I am working from my home , this email has been sent from my home email address.

There are in excess of 3000 people listed as beneficial land owners and I plan, with the agreement of the Trustees, to move the communication with you to a more efficient and cost effective system, by using email and the RMLT website.

The website is currently going through a rebuild which will make it a far more user friendly tool, and one which will allow us to post current news and items of interest easily. This will require time to complete, but I would expect the new website will be up and running after testing within 3 months.

I have obtained the email addresses of all beneficial land owners who have registered their email addresses with RMLT through Ashton-Wheelans and I am sending this email to gain your permission to communicate with you on RMLT matters.

Could you please reply to this email with YES in the subject field if you are in agreement or NO if you are not. No reply or blank will be taken as a YES.

Finally, if you are in contact with others whom you know are RMLT beneficial land owners, can you encourage them to register their email address on their RMLT contact form through Ashton-Wheelans, by contacting: Barbara Findlay, Ashton-Wheelans, P O Box 13042, Christchurch 8146. OR email Barbara Findlay

Nga mihi

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Simon Gomez


Rakiura Maori Land Trust

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