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Te Whakamaharatanga Marae

Tena koutou; nau mai haere mai, te whanau,

Blessed as we are to have almost everthing for our marae , we are still missing you. Come and join us at the marae.

Tell your whanau, the site is active and we are wanting your participation to make us a happening thing.

Marae registrations- the marae komiti have asked that all whanau make an annual $20 contribution to the marae. Bank account details follow:Please state your whanau name.so we may register your family name in our book as paided some of you just sent in money thats good but we need to know who. So if you have done this send me details when you did and we can conect this with your payments. Thanks whanau Mere.

ASB bank Kaikohe Account details: 123-097-0223983-00

Check us out, watch this space, send us your stories, and photo's.

Let us know what's happneing in your whanau.

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Mere Naera wekawekanui@xtra.co.nz  


Te Whakamaharatanga Marae

Te Whakamaharatanga Marae c/o Waimamaku Store South Hokianga

cnr sh 12 Waimamaku beach road south Hokianga

09 4054 572

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