Evelyn Wynyard Tobin interviewed by Maori TV Raniera Harrison Monday 23 April 2018 5:35PM 

Northland language enthusiasts looking to revitalise tribal dialects

Maori Television : 5:35pm, Monday 23 April 2018. By Raniera Harrison
Northland language enthusiasts are looking to revitalise their dialects.

"We've put the invite to fluent and proficient speakers that continue to upskill," says Head Tutor at Te Kura Reo o Te Tai Tokerau, Evelyn Wynyard Tobin.

Different dialects of the North are being put through their respective paces at the fifth annual Te Kura Reo o Te Tai Tokerau tribal language acquisition wānanga today. Moerewa School is hosting the event, with a clear and direct reasoning for its existence.

"How do we support the development of the language in those who have yet to develop an affinity for it? That's where the biggest gap is" adds Tutor Ruki Paraone Wynyard Tobin.

Organisers say that the 65 students in attendance over the duration of the 4-day camp are aware of the concerns raised. Traditional speakers on marae Taumata and kai-karanga are also under threat within the region. 

"The presence at the majority of our marae is thin. It is a sign of the times. However, I am happy knowing a new generation is coming," says Ms Evelyn Wynyard Tobin.

Organisers suggest the wait may not be as long as expected, with a healthy number of participants actively challenging statistics of Te Reo Māori speakers in Northland.

The next instalment of this tribal language wānanga will take place this time next year. 


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