2016 Dr Krushil Watene "Theorizing Justice"

by wynyardmm on 17 Apr 2014

2016 Dr Krushil Watene "Theorizing Justice"

Dr Krushil Watene, Ngati Manu Ngati Whatua
~ she is also a founder member of Te Kahui Kaitiaki o Ngati Manu mo te Awa o Taumarere team


Theorizing Justice
Critical Insights and Future Directions
Hardback $120.00
Paperback $39.95
eBook $38.99
A Theory of Justice, re-ignited political philosophy and revolutionized how we theorize about justice. Rawls’s approach to justice advanced political philosophy in important and valuable ways – most significantly in the way that it showed that political philosophy remained relevant for our lives and our world.

Unsurprisingly, over forty years later, social and global realities present theories of justice with new challenges. This volume examines what these new challenges are, and whether contemporary theories are in a position to respond to them. The collection brings together essays that push the boundaries of justice theorizing in new directions, and that begin to construct a new paradigm. The collection contributes to the creation of a platform from which new ideas and new conversations, about the challenges and opportunities for justice in our world, can be further explored and developed.

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