The following heritage taonga each heave a korero about their significance and role in the life of Miria and Te Rapunga and the vision of Ngati Hine.

The insertions are contributions from kaumatua/ kuia who attended the five wananga convened at the Kawiti marae from february - may 2008. Although some of these statements have not yet been authenticated, it has been decided that they will go to publication as written with further wanannga being planned in July 2008, to discuss these in more depth.

Te ahuareka (1824)

Te whare Runanga- where meetings with chiefs of NgaPuhi were held. A lot of decisions were made here including decisioins regarding the signing of the Tiriti o Waitangi. Kawiti's signature on Te Tiriti o Waitangi was his 'ngu' (along side the ridge of his nose)- the most tapu mpart of his moko. Refer to Takuate - the sigh of Kawiti... moumou te ngu o taku ihu...'

1. Was Te Ahuareka a whare or just for Runanga meetings?

2. Was the pare at Kawiti's whare or at the Whare Runanga?


Maramatautini (1864)

Te whare o Maihi where he hosted NgaPuhi chiefs and pakeha friends. maihi set up the first school for Ngati Hine  in 1873 in his whare while he was waiting for the government /education board to build the school. The first school building was built opposite Hare reihana's gate. The school was extablished exclusively  for children of Ngati Hine descent.

1. Which was the site of Maramatautini, ie, Taumarere, or Orauta or Waiomio?

2. Was the school set up in Maihi's whare?

3. Was Te kimihanga the name given of the first school?

4. Was Maramatautini gifted to maihi by Governor Grey?


Te Rakau Oka

This is the tree that is still sighted at the Marae site today. it was planted by the pakeha friends of Maihi to commemorate the official opening of Maramatautini. At the time the Rakau Oka was highly valued by pakeha- similar to how we value the Rakau Kauri.

1. Did Governor grey gift the tree to Maihi?

2. Does anyone have the year that this tree was planted?


Miria Marae (1889)

Miria marae received it's name from the Kamiria (Camellia) flowers that were brought by pakeha to maihi's tangi in 1889. The Kamiria flowers stayed fresh while the other flowers had already perished. he lay in Te Rapunga ((wharehui) for weeks - the Kamiria flowers diminshed and y odour that may have been evident at that time. A camellia sample (which has a strong perfume) taken from Hare reihana's garden was found to be of the Port Wine (Magnolia) variety.

1. Is the year correct ? (1883 on Te Rapunga sign)

2. What marae was here before Miria?


Te Rapunga

1. When and how did it get it's name?



During the war (1944)

Maramatautini's wharekai was dismantled and hahaunga came into use. Hare Reihana would use a Putatara (conch shell) to call the people to come and have a kai in Hahaunga.

1. Where did Hahaunga get it's name?


Te Kimihanga

Te kimihanga was named at the 100th year centennial celebrations. The name was given to the school by the kaumatua and kuia of that time. The plaque is still at the Waiomio school - the care of the Ngakoti family.

 1. Where did the name come from?


Te Purepo (the canon)

Te purepo korero, brought down from Ruapekapeka Pa on  a sledge - has it's own kaupapa. nA whole lot of Waiomio men helped to bring it down. it was used for special occassions ie during the tangi of notable kaumatua. Te Riri's  was the last time it was used in 1964. When fired the canon was packed with mud balls - not actual canon balls. After Te Riri passed away it was moved to it's present site inside Wairere Wahitapu where it was concreted. The korero of Karani and other kaumatua was that when Waiomio has no more use for the Purepo then it was given to Tamati Brown. When Hori Te tenga heard he cemented it into th eground and said that Waiomio has not finished with it.



1. Description of current location and where the name comes from.


Te Waipuna Wairere

1. is this in reference to the urupa or the whole site (puna) or both?










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