Today's Te Mokai

by Tracy Osborne on 4 Mar 2014

Design plans for the rebuilding of Te Mokai have been made redundant by changes to the NZ building code, brought about by the Christchurch earthquake.
To supply the need for an updated plan, architectural students will visit the marae to meet with ringawera whanau as a first step in a new design process.
May it be strongly impressed that Te Mokai is of critical importance to the hospitality of Hukanui Marae which deploys the talents of puku-mahi ringawera who we charge to cater in an expert way for our manuhiri.
Is there something you think needs to improve in the lay-out? Let others hear it – you may not be alone.
Come along whanau and be involved from the ground up.
The ten Wintech students will attend with lecturer Roslyn on Friday March 14th from 9.30am.
Bring a plate. All are most welcome.

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