Content Manager Training

Te Roro o Te Rangi Content ManagersThe role of the Marae Website Content Manager would have to be one of the most exciting, comprehensive and rewarding multi-media roles available to Maori. 

The role of Content Manager is multi-faceted.  It builds confidence and prepares you for leadership. Effective leaders are effective communicators. You will develop judgement skills in how to put the message across – knowing what is valid and what is relevant.  It involves seeking out information.  You will learn to strategise, plan and produce.  It will improve your literacy as you become a “print junkie”.

It’s FUN!  You learn with whanau, and you learn from whanau.

It is exciting.  So, if you have a passion for your Marae, enjoy communicating, are fairly computer competent, and want to play an active role in your Marae heritage preservation, and in reaching whanau worldwide, then this is the role for you!

Your Marae Website is ready to go live and is waiting for you!

Ask your Marae Committee to book your Content Manager Training now!

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